The benefits of Oregon Wine Experience linger long after everyone goes home. In addition to the amazing memories made, thousands of local infants and children will directly benefit from the funds raised at this event. In 2019, Oregon Wine Experience raised $1,700,000 and 100% of those proceeds stayed local, benefiting Asante Children’s Miracle Network and other Asante healthcare programs. Funds raised at this event allowed us to fulfill our goal of bringing a “Child Life” program to our Pediatrics Department. Because of this program, there is now a specialist helping our children and their families navigate the emotional and physical tolls of short and long-term hospitalization.

By participating in the Oregon Wine Experience, you will be supporting Asante Children’s Miracle Network. As one of 170 Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) hospitals in the country, Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center provides the highest level of pediatric care in the region. Your support helps provide specialized procedures, cutting-edge equipment, lifesaving treatments for children battling diseases, and a strong support network for patients and their families in their most vulnerable times. The Pediatrics department is serving a quickly growing population. This event helps to ensure that our children & their families receive the finest medical care, regardless of ability to pay.

Asante Children’s Miracle Network is just one beneficiary of the Asante Foundation. The Asante Foundation’s primary goal is to support the goals of the Asante health system, by generating private support and encouraging community involvement. Foundation healthcare programs support various initiatives, including low-cost patient family housing, cancer compassion funds, nursing excellence programs, cardiac rehabilitation programs, and more.

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