Mr. Miracle Doodle


Buddy, Pal, and Best Friend Furever!

Laughter, loyalty, and a lifetime of happiness, this adorable Labradoodle puppy awaits the home of someone very special. Fetch on the beach, endless tail wags at the park, and a soft and warm snuggle at night are the light of your future. The unparalleled bond, endless face licks, and furever friendship will fill your heart and win your love like nothing words could ever describe. With your gracious support, tonight’s Mr. Miracle Doodle will not only bring miraculous love and joy to your soul, but he will help continue the miracles happening for our littlest patients in the hospital.


  • A “Puppy Starter Kit” and a $75 gift certificate to Rogue Valley Pet!

*Paperwork, including neutering and health care requirements, will be available after the Miracle Auction

Generously donated by Rogue Valley Doodles and Rogue Valley Pet