Show Stopper


A Beautiful Gem for a Beautiful Gem!

This impressive gemstone was hand-picked for a very special person here tonight and hasn’t been presented to the public ever before! This 3.96 carat Brazilian Pink Tourmaline was custom scissor cut and is presented loose to further show its transparent elegance, flawless characteristics, and vibrant coloring. And what’s better than to set it to your liking?! Included with this stunning gemstone is your very own “Custom Designed Jewelry Voucher” with a value of $2,000. In addition to this surreal opportunity, enjoy an exclusive and private design day with owner of King Jewelers, Nick King. This unparalleled experience offers you the creative edge to design and choose the way you model your stone. With the sleek sass this stone exudes alone, the final existence will literally be a one of a kind!

Private designing date to be negotiated with donor and purchaser.

Generously donated by Nick King, Owner of King Jewelers