Talent Cellars

Talent Cellars

Talent, Oregon 97540


Talent Cellars

Rogue Valley
PO Box 314
Talent, Oregon 97540

Matt and Janéa Newbry, Owner
Matt Newbry, Winemaker

Winemaker Matt Newbry and his wife Janéa, attribute the inspiration behind Talent Cellars to the very soil their family has been farming in Talent, Oregon since the 1920’s.  With generations of Southern Oregon agricultural heritage, Talent Cellars aims to honor the hard work of those who came before by producing wines that captivate the palate and spirit.

The allure of creating something of value by getting up at sunrise, working the soil and putting your blood-sweat-equity into a craft was inspired in Matt and Janéa at early ages.  Matt fondly remembers following his Grandfather around Newbry Orchards, and Janéa thinks back to her charmed childhood memories of being raised on a farm. Now together, Matt and Janéa are excited to bring the Talent Cellars vision to life by hand-crafting exceptional wine.

A pivotal part of the Talent Cellar’s vision is sharing it with you and ensuring your experience is one that captivates your palate and spirit.  Matt and Janéa are working hard to bring you an unparalleled experience by selecting grapes from the most renowned vineyards of our region, and then crafting them barrel-by-barrel. As you savor a glass of Talent Cellars’ wine, you can taste the skill of the winemaker who not only has the educational background but also the hands-on experience through his collaboration with world-class wineries.

The combination of Matt and Janéa’s strong work ethic and progressive winemaking practices, results in a wine experience that will leave you wanting more.  Please join them on their venture and experience all Talent Cellars has to offer.

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