Sams Creek Cellars

Sams Creek Cellars

39 Sams Creek Rd, Gold Hill, OR 97525


Situated on the valley floor at the confluence of Sams Creek and the mighty Rogue River in Southern Oregon, our vineyard thrives on the old Rogue River flood plains. Being a small family-owned winery, all of our grapes are hand picked and crushed at peak ripeness.  We pride ourselves on producing handcrafted, fruit forward wines that reflect the qualities of the terroir and micro-climate where it is produced.

Owner: David Reed
Winemakers: David Reed and Brian Perry (2016-Present)

After nearly a decade of events and fundraising to support children’s health care programs, Asante Foundation will no longer host Oregon Wine Experience® (OWE). After close evaluation of the overall investment and return, OWE is no longer financially viable as a fundraising event in a post-pandemic economy.

We extend our immense gratitude to every sponsor, vendor, winery, volunteer and guest who helped make OWE a reality.

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