Pebblestone Cellars

Pebblestone Cellars

1670 Pioneer Rd, Talent, OR 97540


A family-owned business; fulfilling our dreams and passion for wine for over 30 years. The grapes used in the wines come exclusively from Ellis Vineyards, which is located in the middle of an ancient riverbed. The name “PEBBLESTONE” was chosen as it aptly describes the sandy, gravelly, and well-drained soils of the vineyard. This special soil and the warm sunny climate of southern Oregon are major contributors to the intense aromatics and flavors which are characteristic in the wines.

The Ellis Family, Owners
The Ellis Family & Brian Wilson, Winemakers

After nearly a decade of events and fundraising to support children’s health care programs, Asante Foundation will no longer host Oregon Wine Experience® (OWE). After close evaluation of the overall investment and return, OWE is no longer financially viable as a fundraising event in a post-pandemic economy.

We extend our immense gratitude to every sponsor, vendor, winery, volunteer and guest who helped make OWE a reality.

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