Firesteed Wines

Firesteed Wines

2200 N. Pacific Highway W Rickreall, OR 97371


Firesteed wines represent the finest expression of varietals perfectly suited to the distinctive Willamette Valley growing region. Firesteed’s expressive, age-worthy Pinot Noir, racy Riesling, crisp Pinot Gris and elegant Rosé reflect the climate, the soils and the soul of Oregon winemaking. Consistent quality is not always easy to achieve in a cool climate. Over the years, we have learned to appreciate and work with the forces of nature, adjusting to the changing cycles of the sun and rain in order to create varietals that are wonderful in their youth, as well as worthy of aging.

Vintage Wine Estates, Owners
Bryan Croft, Winemaker

2200 N. Pacific Highway W
Rickreall, OR 97371
(503) 623-8683

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