Del Rio Vineyards

Del Rio Vineyards

52 North River Rd, Gold Hill, Oregon 97525


With every bottle of Del Rio wine, we seek to capture the essence of our history and dedication to excellence. The rolling hills, majestic landscape and wild Rogue River converge to create the optimal setting for growing superior grapes. Established in 1997, the single vineyard has blossomed under the nurturing hands of 4th generation farmers. With our blend of family heritage and farming excellence, we strive to consistently provide you with the finest examples of Oregon wine made today.

Owners: Rob & Jolee Wallace, Lee Traynham
Winemaker: Jean-Michel Jussiaume
Assistant Winemaker: Aurélien Labrosse

After nearly a decade of events and fundraising to support children’s health care programs, Asante Foundation will no longer host Oregon Wine Experience® (OWE). After close evaluation of the overall investment and return, OWE is no longer financially viable as a fundraising event in a post-pandemic economy.

We extend our immense gratitude to every sponsor, vendor, winery, volunteer and guest who helped make OWE a reality.

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