Anchor Valley

Anchor Valley

150 Oregon Street, Jacksonville, OR 97530


Established in 2018, Anchor Valley Wine joined the party with a Double-Gold Medal with their first Pinot Gris.

When an entrepreneurial spirit was inspired by a rock and roll lifestyle, the essence of “challenge conformity” became the foundation of their new adventure.  Wine should be experienced by all, allowing individual styles, experiences, and expressions by all those on the journey.

With intimidation removed, only curiosity and enjoyment remain.  Wine is no longer an acquired taste, but an experience to be discovered early and pursued over a lifetime.

Our eclectic and rebellious nature brings a new essence to the wine industry…one that Challenges Conformity and evokes change.

Owners: Joe Moxley, Mike Herrera, Bill Powell
Winemaker: Matt Cates
Marketing Director: Ashley Cates