Climb the Summit


An Ultimate Vineyard Experience for 4 Guests

Archery Summit crafts rare and remarkable wines that vividly express their distinct places of origin. Experience the tranquility and life of the vineyard in the Willamette Valley with this marvelous package as two couples drive in a BMW of choice to Archery Summit’s Red Hills Estate guesthouse. For three nights, guests will stay in a cozy, three-bedroom home nestled in the Dundee Hills and centrally located next to wineries, charming restaurants and shops, offering stunning panoramic views of Mt. Hood, Archery Summit’s Red Hills Vineyard and the valley below. To top it off, treat yourself with a $400 gift certificate to The Painted Lady Restaurant, where local farming and wine country meet the table!

Your visit will be highlighted with a tour of the vineyard and winery in addition to a tour through Archery Summit’s caves, modeled after the underground caverns of Burgundy’s Cote d’Or, and the subterranean cellar hewn from the natural volcanic rock found beneath the estate. Your tours will conclude with a private tasting in the unique barrel caves. If you thought that was all, why not add two more private tasting tours to your stay? You and your guests will continue this memorable journey with tastings at Laurel Ridge Winery and Domaine Drouhin!

“To top it off, you’ll be driving a BMW of your choice for the weekend” – courtesy of Medford BMW!

Package Includes:

  • 3-night stay for four
  • Private tour and tasting for four at Archery Summit
  • Tasting at Domaine Drouhin for four guests
  • Tasting and tour at Laurel Ridge Winery for four guests
  • $400 gift certificate to The Painted Lady Restaurant
  • Your choice of (1) BMW from Medford BMW for the weekend

Generously donated by Medford BMW, Domaine Drouhin, Archery Summit Winery, Laurel Ridge Winery, and The Painted Lady Restaurant