2023 – Therapy Dog Sponsor

Sponsor the Asante Pediatric Therapy Dog


Make Asante’s first-ever Pediatric Therapy Dog possible
The chance to change a child’s life is rare; the opportunity to change thousands of children’s lives is once-in-a-lifetime. Raise your paddles high to be the official sponsor of Asante’s first-ever Pediatric Therapy Dog. Be the ultimate champion for kids in the hospital by countering long, tough medical visits with warm, affectionate puppy kisses and spontaneous joy. Journey, a pure-bred labradoodle trained by Ridgeside K9 Norcal, is set to enter Asante’s new Olsrud Family Women’s and Children’s Hospital in 2024 – though her presence will immediately bring a new level of healing to countless patients, covering the annual cost of maintaining her health and wellbeing will ensure she performs at her very best for years to come. As her official sponsor, you will join Asante Pediatrics staff in a special opening ceremony and have your name featured prominently on her vest for the first year of service. Bid high to fetch this golden opportunity that is sure to bring thousands of smiles.

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