2023 – Cellar of Dreams

Cellar of Dreams

Valued at over $3,600

54-bottle fully stocked wine fridge
Experience the wine collection dreams are made of. Bid tenaciously to secure this 54-bottle, stainless steel Hisense wine chiller full of first-class Oregon wines – an exclusive assortment with a special surprise. In addition to 54 bottles of Oregon Wine Experience favorites, your new cooler will also include a special surprise from Dave Mills’ private collection – a 2008 and 2009 “The Maiden” red Bordeaux style blend from Harlan Estate. Our team has worked hard to select the best – now, all you must do is bid! 100% of proceeds will be directed to cancer programs at Asante in honor of Greg Mills.

Wines included:
2008 The Maiden, Harlan Estate*
2009 The Maiden, Harlan Estate*
2016 Red Lily Vineyards Tempranillo  x 2
2017 Dauntless Wine Cø. Pinot Noir  x2
2017 Grizzly Peak Winery Meritage  x2
2017 Apricity Primitivo x2
2017 Trium Cabernet Sauvignon x2
2017 Grizzly Peak Winery Syrah  x2
2017 North Bar Cellars Tempranillo  x2
2018 South Stage Cellars Carmenere  x2
2018 Remotion Wine Barbera  x2
2018 Peter William Vineyard Syrah Lot B-42  x 2
2018 Weisinger Family Winery Grenache   x2
2018 Goldback Wines Syrah x2
2018 Naumes Family Vineyards Chardonnay x2
2019 2Hawk Vineyard & Winery Grenache Rosé x2
2019 Iris Vineyards Pinot Noir x2
2019 Left Coast Estate Truffle Hill Chardonnay x2
2020 Blakeslee Vineyard Estate Reserve Chardonnay x2
2020 Lady Hill Winery Pinot Gris x2
2020 Quady North GSM Rosé  x2
2020 Grochau Cellars Pinot Blanc x2
2020 RoxyAnn Winery Viognier x2
2020 Valcan Cellars Carmin Sparkling Malbe x2
2020 DANCIN Vineyards Tribute Barbera x 2
2020 Benedetto Vineyards Ricardo’s Reserve Red Blend x 2
2021 Ricochet Wine Company Red Blend x2
2021 Kriselle Cellars Albariňo x2

*Generously donated by Dave and Janice Mills

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