750 Grafted Grapevines

Valued at $2,625

Vine Varietals of Your Choice

Eckhard Kaesekamp, owner of Knights Grapevine Nursery, has over 25 years of hands-on experience perfecting methods and refining techniques for a seamless and efficient approach to plant production. His philosophy combines time-tested traditional vine growing techniques and the best modern approaches to achieve the goal of a healthy, strong, virus-free plant for your future. Prestigious wineries frequent this nursery, with clientele including Herb Quady of Quady North.

Eckhard is pleased to offer 750 grafted vines to the winning bidder, with the choice of variety, rootstock and bud wood to be determined following the auction.

Note: Delivery fee is 15 cents per plant to be covered by the bearer of this certificate. Knights Grapevine Nursery, 233308 Gifford Road, Knights Landing, CA 95645

Generously donated by Knights Grapevine Nursery